Hotel Amil

Hotel Amil Comfort and Quality for you! While staying at the Hotel Amil you find the best service Epines room and the entire region! Come Check!

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Fruit of the bold entrepreneurial spirit, born in 2007 the idea of changing the standard of hotels in the north of Minas, which would serve as a template for marking notable presence in the town of Espinosa.

A building line architecture with modern finishes with innovative structures as required by the times.

So the Amil Hotel the most modern hotel of Spinoza, in the short time that its existence contributes to the construction of the history of our city, we have as people hosting the most renowned personalities in their travels have our hotel as a point of reference in support script.

Only one hotel that had as main objective to offer its guests a quality and servise exelência could meet so many distinguished people and demanding.

So the Amil Hotel and synonymous with charm, good taste, privacy, sophistication and comfort level summary of care, and that high standard.

In its 21 rooms and one Master Suite Amil Hotel offers its guests all that is necessary for your maximum comfort, including 01 (a) room for events and conventions with space for about 100 people.

And so the Amil Hotel is gearing up for the privilege to host it. We are waiting for you!

Conforto e Qualidade no Hotel Amil